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Guide to Tropical Interior Decoration

If you have always enjoyed the stay in Bali or any tropical island resorts, then you could start to decorate your interior with some easy and affordable steps. Since I am living in Penang one of the beautiful islands, let me share with you some of my tips and thoughts.

1. Flooring

Timber flooring is the best choice for the tropical style design, but if budget and costing come into view, it might be a bit too costly. Also, in terms of maintenance it may need more attention.

Besides timber flooring, you may also consider some slate tiles, choose some rusty finish, it will also create the natural mood. And it is easier to maintain.

You could also have a mix of both. For example you may have a special zoning in your house which might be slightly raised about 4 inches from the floor level that is covered with timber flooring. This area could be a special cozy corner for books reading, or afternoon tea break that is furnished with soft furnishing with some linen throws and comfort pillows.


2. Wall Color

Below are a few of the color matching for the wall color options:


dark green light green


maroon grey


orange brown

3. Furnishing

For the main furniture, choose basic color for example, beige, white and walnut wood color. Fabric for soft furnishing such as cushion for chair and curtain may choose from linen or cotton. Color range could be in beige or white color tone. While choose walnut wood color range for the side table, coffee table or console table and for the cushion frame.

Then, you may add strong or vibrant color for some add-on such as comfort pillows, throws, and table runner. Please keep in mind that the add-on color is best to be from the same color tone of your featured wall color.

4. Lighting

Lighting plays an important role in any interior decorations.

Since some of the wall color chose might be dark in color, lighting can be used to soften the environment. You may opt for some standing light for corner with linen shade and wooden stand. Simple and natural beige color would add a soft touch to the environment.


Get some nice wood carved candle holder or ceramic burners and light some candles with some aromatic oil will also add some softness to the environment.

5. Painting and decoration

You may choose some painting with tropical plants with green leaves and vibrant color flowers, or some abstract painting with tropical colors. It is preferably to have contrast color with the wall color. If the painting needs to be framed, then frame with natural wood frame, which have walnut or teak wood color. Following listed some example of tropical paintings.

banana leafs
dancing flowers

I would better stop here for now. Hope that the above points do help in your initial plan for your house decorations.


~ ArtBug



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